maggio 26, 2014


This is the second and last part of my Alphabet of Turin
that I started last week 


There is not a proper place  where you can eat a  Gianduiotto chocolate
Everywhere in  Turin is the right place.

We have several Hammams, public baths of the Eastern tradition , where you can relax yourself. 

Then you can still have  another sweet stop drinking a Bicerin:
tasty drink served in large  round glasses , consisting of a mixture of coffee, chocolate and cream sweetened with syrup.

We have two soccer teams: one is Juventus the other is  Torino.  I don't really love Soccer but it is difficult to find something in Turin that  begins with J more famous of Juventus.

I prefer to read a good book  sitting under a tree in one of the city green areas , indeed. 
We have 18 sq Km  of green areas around us!

The Beautiful Royal Church of S. Lorenzo  built by the Savoy  is located in the central Piazza Castello, next to the Royal Palace.

The Mole Antonelliana is the architectural symbol of Torino designed by the "visionary" architect  
Alessandro Antonelli.
It reaches the height of 167.5 meters and is therefore the tallest building in Town.

La Stampa is one of the oldest,  most known and popular Italian newspapers, based in Turin. 

Turin has always been, with Prague and Lyon, a magical city. There are apparently normal buildings but places like the Devil's door in Via XX September 40 are waiting for you to discover the black arts of Turin.

Palazzo Madama is a beautiful large historic building. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the Savoy Residences

Turin is divided into Quartieri.
Each of these has its particular market where you can find everything from fruit to clothing. They are cheerful  and coloured. I love them!

The Teatro Regio  is the opera house of the city of Turin. I like to go  there some Sunday afternoon with my mom.
From April 19 to June 24, 2015 there will be an extraordinary display of the Sindone

The word "Toret"  is commonly used to designate the typical public fountain in the city of Turin.

The University of Turin is one of the oldest Italian Universities, established  in the fifteenth century.

The Parco del Valentino is the most famous and oldest public park in the city. When I attended the architecture school,  which at that time was located entirely in the Valentino castleI always loved studying  sitting under the trees in front of the Po river.

The limited traffic zone (ZTL in acronym) is located in town center, to restrict vehicular traffic at certain times.
When the Ztl   is active the area is quieter and less chaotic.

And with the Z we got to the end.
Obviously my Turin Alphabet is  just a  simple and partial suggestion. Turin is much more ...


maggio 19, 2014


 I am living in Torino
This is the first part of my Alphabet  of Turin and  its places that I  love most


MAO is the Museum of Oriental Art

We have two little boats called Valentino II, Valentina II
From March  the boats sail every day of the week.

We have a great

The facade of the Duomo is all in white marble

The Egyptian Museum is the first museum that I visited  when I was a child

The Po river is the longest river in Italy