febbraio 17, 2014


Last Week I asked to my friend Alessandra Montrucchio to take part in this blog tour, where writers talk about their processes. Here are her responses to the questions already answered by other writers on the tour. Thank you in advance for reading!

Nothing. Neither the slightest idea nor the right mood. Since I'm not such a successful writer, I have to do another job to make a living - which right now is quite a blessing: I don't need writing to pay the rent :)))

I'm not sure I've got this right. If you mean "How do your novels/stories differ from other novels/stories", well, tricky question... I'd say that I always try to change. There are writers (even excellent writers) who somehow write always the same book, again and again. Same language, same characters, same moral, even same (kind of) story. I'm always looking for new challenges and trials. I rather change and fail than doing endlessly what I already know I can do.

Cause I love it. Just as simple. Writing is a hard job. It requires braveness, patience, commitment. (Not to mention talent). But all along the process there are moments of pure bliss. In those moments, I feel I'm where I have to be and I'm what I want to be. That feeling is worth every single effort.

It really depends on the book. Each story requires its own approach. I just can say that I'm not the kind of writer planning every detail and step of the writing process. I got an idea, I start writing and I just go on, listening to what the story and the characters have to tell me as they come to life. I seldom write down a list of characters, chapters, etc. And when I do that, I'm never able to observe it :)))

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